Monday, January 28, 2008

Getting Official

Kyle and I had fun running around this morning - almost literally! We were working on getting our marriage licence.

Our first stop was the county court house for a copy of my birth certificate. (Yes, I was born, not hatched. Nor did I arrive on a big ship with little green aliens. Just had to clarify.) This is where we got our exercise. They didn't like my 2 inch pocket knife on my keys, so we had to walk back to the car and drop it off before entering the building. Whatever!

Then, up to another court house to get the license. After all those other shenanigans, it was actually pretty painless.

We met our pastor up there. Being from out-of-state, we both had some "homework" and wanted to make sure everything was right. Thanks Rev. G. for doing all the research and running up there with us!

Happy, happy!
After all that, we needed lunch! It's getting pretty real, isn't it honey? - GJ

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First Bridal Shower

My dear and loving Aunts very kindly threw a shower for me a few days before new years, so that Grandma Sisson could attend before heading down to Florida. They made it such a special event!

The decorations were like a winter wonderland - and in my beloved Blue & White! The food was all home made and delicious! Traditional tea fare: scones with clotted cream, tea cake and finger sandwiches.

I was very blessed by all the ladies who took time out during their busy holidays to come!

Everyone shared such sweet advice - thank you all!

Kyle very bravely made an appearance (I think the food made up for though, right Honey?) Kelly and Sarah made me a beautiful bow bouquet!

With my Love. "Happy" doesn't even begin to describe it!

Most of the worker/planners (Aunt Kathy and Kelly had left by then). Thank you all for the hours of work and creativity that you invested!

Some of the bridal party . . . looking forward to the big day! - GJ

One Month Left!

Wow, it seemed at times like it would never get here, and now we're one month away! Haley's been talking to me about dress pictures, so I'll put up a few of the rejects. ;-)

Fifth runner up. The design was pretty standard, but we did love the on-camera sheen. This was the first dress I tried on, and in this picture I'm still amazed seeing myself in a wedding dress!

Forth runner up. Mom kept telling me to "just breath in" when she was trying to fasten this dress - until she found out it was a size four! Oops. :-)

Third runner up. I loved the bodice detail on this dress - so pretty! If only we could have gotten the train to lay right and the skirt had not been so dating . . . it screams early 2000s.

Second runner up. We really disliked this one on the hanger, and couldn't believe how gorgeous it was on! Definitely a princess dress!

First runner up. I didn't care for the panels of beading on the skirt, but that beading and waistline treatment were really lovely.

Like the white clips in an attempt to bring it down to size?

I love my final pick (of course!), unique and elegant design but very pretty, and a definate "princess dress" without being froofy. What a fun experience this all was! Thanks to my patient Mother and my sweet maid Haley. Is that why they call it MAID of Honor? ;-). - GJ

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Invites are out!

Yea! After about three solid days of gluing, cutting, folding, printing, stamping, stuffing and addressing, the invitations are ready to go out. My thanks to Mom, Dad and Haley, who all pitched in to make things easier, in so many different ways!

And the grand total is: One Hundred and Seventy five! (No wonder I look tired!)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Welcome to Our Blog!

We're so glad you stopped by! GJ & KP