Monday, April 30, 2012

Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Flying Solo"

Well, I'm officially on my own now. My WONDERFUL help has returned home after more than two weeks of 24/7 servant hood. I am missing the pleasures of chatting, reminiscing, and sharing with Mom and Haley - need I say it was a sweet time together?
 Haley was a marvelous Aunt-of-all-work - nanny, housemaid, chef, you name it! Besides stocking my freezer with muffins (my favorite snack while nursing and hungry) she also spoiled us with a batch of her legendary Apple Dumplings. Mom was wonderful as usual, cooking, cleaning this and that, keeping the laundry going, and helping with James. I am very blessed!

Speaking of James, I couldn't ask for a better baby! He eats well, sleeps like a log, and cries occasionally when something is bothering him. He is just too sweet for words!

Now on our own this week, things are going well. Kyle has been great, giving me every chance to rest that he can even in the midst of a busy work week! We have a routine down during the day and the kids are doing well.

I'm enjoying the simple pleasures that come with this time - kissing baby feet, snuggling, and the smell of baby lotion. ;-)

Monday, April 9, 2012

James: The Birth Story

Thursday, April 5th, 2:15am. Just imagine how shocked Kyle was to wake up to his wife telling him "Honey, I think my water just broke!" After all, we had only gotten back from my folk's house the afternoon before. We had made one last trip up to visit and to purchase a mini-van we had looked at up there before settling in for the final wait (Ha!). So when we realized this was it, I think we were both in shock!
We phoned our friend Pam B. to ask her to stay with the kids, and were quite relieved when she promptly answered and assured us that she was on her way. Kyle packed up and prepared the (new) mini-van in record time, and an hour later, with contractions just starting, we were on our way. The (45 min) drive was pretty uneventful, except that Kyle kept driving faster as my contractions got more serious. ;-) When we reached the hospital, I think we both breathed a little sigh of relief!

We got in our room about 4:15 am and, as tradition dictates, Kathy (whom we call the "chicken Midwife" - she keeps hens) told us we were ready to deliver. An hour later, James arrived. One of the nurses said that in 22 years of nursing, this was the most the perfect labor and delivery she had ever seen. I was certainly more relaxed and comfortable, since we arrived with a little time to spare!
James had to go on oxygen to help him through transition. They moved him down to the NICU, but he was able to get off oxygen shortly afterward and moved into the room with us after about 24 hrs. We were very grateful for his quick adjustment and thrilled to have him home with us.

Much to be thankful for!

A Little More

The Stats:
James Edward (we plan to call him - James!)
Born April 5, 2012 at 5:15 am
(Almost one month early.)
6 lbs, 11oz and 20 inches long
We're all home now, and Mom and Baby are both doing well, thanks to the care of Dad and Aunt Haley. Alaina is absolutely smitten, and Stephen is quite intrigued - when he has time away from his trains to notice!
More later . . .

Saturday, April 7, 2012