Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Flying Solo"

Well, I'm officially on my own now. My WONDERFUL help has returned home after more than two weeks of 24/7 servant hood. I am missing the pleasures of chatting, reminiscing, and sharing with Mom and Haley - need I say it was a sweet time together?
 Haley was a marvelous Aunt-of-all-work - nanny, housemaid, chef, you name it! Besides stocking my freezer with muffins (my favorite snack while nursing and hungry) she also spoiled us with a batch of her legendary Apple Dumplings. Mom was wonderful as usual, cooking, cleaning this and that, keeping the laundry going, and helping with James. I am very blessed!

Speaking of James, I couldn't ask for a better baby! He eats well, sleeps like a log, and cries occasionally when something is bothering him. He is just too sweet for words!

Now on our own this week, things are going well. Kyle has been great, giving me every chance to rest that he can even in the midst of a busy work week! We have a routine down during the day and the kids are doing well.

I'm enjoying the simple pleasures that come with this time - kissing baby feet, snuggling, and the smell of baby lotion. ;-)

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~the gambill gals~ said...

It sounds like you were given a wonderful transition from mother of two to mother of three. Besides being a blessing, I'm sure your wonderful help was blessed to be there to enjoy your three little blessings. :)