Monday, March 31, 2008


Yes, it's true, I'm still posting wedding pictures! ;-) We were so excited by the many friends and family who came, and our reception was such a fun party.

Grandpa Sisson blessed the food.

Oops, a smootching picture! Sorry, couldn't help it.

Heather, my WONDERFUL wedding coordinator making announcements. She handled everything so well, and had great ideas!

Some very helpful young ladies! Sarah, Corrina, Marie and Mandie.

Friendly faces.

I absolutely love this picture of David and William!

Nope, no cake smearing. This is supposed to represent your first act of service, and I hope I can serve my husband with as much tender love in the hard things of life as I did in that symbolic act.

Here's why I'm laughing in some of our cake pictures: I cut a sliver of cake so small, I could hardly get it out!


The bouquet toss was one of my favorite moments of the reception! For several years, I've planned to do a break-apart bouquet, so that many of my friends could have to joy of catching flowers. As it turned out, I tossed it right over their heads and Kenny and Uncle Tom found their doctor's confab slightly interrupted by a shower of mini bouquets! However, they quickly found their way into the right hands.

Two more lovely young ladies, Brenna and Therese.

Clay gave the most wonderful welcome to the family!

I've finally escaped from . . .

. . . all this!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Having Fun!

The "formal" pictures may or may not show it, but our wedding was such a fun day!

The father of the bride throwing paper balls . . .

. . . at his son in law, who is throwing them at . . .

. . . the youngest brother in law!

The picture above is a personal favorite!

Notice all those WHOLE BAGS being thrown? Hummm . . .

Spring and Fire

We will now take a brief intermission from wedding pictures to fill you in on some interesting features of recent Nitchfield life.

It's spring here, with vibrant green starting to peek out, birds nesting (I'm battling one that likes the inside of our air conditioner. At the moment, I think I'm winning) and sunshine and rain taking turns. Another sure sign - Kyle has started our garden! It's just a little one at the moment, consisting of lettuce and spinach, but we're excited. I think I actually have some hope of keeping up with it, since it's within view of the kitchen window above the sink. Our lettuce always used to get out of hand. Another sign of spring, we've taken two bike rides. That first one was, admittedly, cold, but the second was quite pleasant. Huzzah for spring!

Besides grass, birds, flowers and all that, we've also had quite a few fires. Kyle is on call with the fire department, an in our one month of married life he has already been out twice, once for a house fire and once for a grass fire. I remember what a pain it was back when our barn burned down, trying to remember what we had, guessing costs, etc. I can't imagine a house fire, with all the hassle and the things that simply can't be replaced. :-( I have so much to be thankful for, not the least of which is that no one has been hurt in either fire.

I guess it doesn't matter where I live, life is never dull!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Ceremony in Pictures

For those of you who weren't able to come, here's a little walk through the ceremony.

Faith (piano) and Melody (flute) H. set the stage with lovely prelude music.

A shot of the laides. I thought that I had loaded a picture of the Eden Strings Quartet, who played the bridesmaid's processional - I guess I didn't. The music for both their processional and mine was from Vivaldi's four seasons, a personal, lifelong favorite.

My Dad had always said he was not going to speak at my wedding, because he knew he would cry. I'm so glad you changed your mind, Dad! It was so precious to have your charge, it just wouldn't have been right without a word from you. (He didn't cry either! He did a great job.)

Chris Miller did our scripture reading (with some wise and funny commentary).

My Pastor Rev. Jud Gambill did the ceremony. He handled things beautifully!

They say you don't hear a thing said at your wedding, but I remember so clearly the beautiful picture of a Christian marriage as God intended it to be that was laid out in different ways by all three men.

The REALLY important part - the vows.

We sang two favorite songs. Kyle's choice was We Will Glorify and mine was Praise to the Lord, the Almighty.

We wanted to take communion to remember Jesus' sacrifice for us as our first act as a married couple. Kyle's sister Sheila sang a beautiful arrangement of We Are An Offering while we did so.

"I now pronounce you man and wife!"

Coming back to greet our guests as Mr. and Mrs. Phillips!