Thursday, March 6, 2008

Honeymoon Excursions

We've had different people ask what we did on our honeymoon - well, not much! Favorite activities included eating, walking on the beach, swimming, eating, laying in a hammock, eating, reading, napping, eating, watching for whales and eating! It was SOOOO relaxing.

On one of our beach excursions, we came across this little fella - a dead puffer fish. Pretty neat, huh! Not your average rotting shore find, this was an exotic dead fish. It was bigger than I had pictured puffers being. That's Kyle's flip-flop for size comparison. I don't know if puffers swim in schools (there is a little research project for animal-expert Matthew), but we saw four or five washed up during our walk. Kyle wanted to bring it home and have it taxidermied for our wall. Can't you just see us going through customs with that thing? "Yes, I'd like to declare my Decomposing Puffer Fish - oh, careful with the eyeballs, there."


We did actually leave the hotel on Wednesday. We took a glass bottomed boat tour. It was great - fish watching, whale chasing, beach walking, rock viewing and boat ride all rolled into one!

Our one stop was an hour on the famous "Lovers Beach" . The only way to get there is by boat. Our captain took the boat as far in as he could, then we had to jump into the water when the waves were out and run on shore before the next wave. It made for a fun little adventure! The sequence of pictures below is Kyle's favorite, he thinks we should frame them. I don't think we should frame them.

Ha, ha, very funny. Hey, that water was frigid!

The rock formations were gorgeous! When we looked at the pictures, we were tempted to think that we are good photographers, the pictures were so nice. Something tells me it had more to do with the scenery!

Here is the famous "El Archo" that we saw in all the brochures and adds. You can see why, it was really beautiful!

My Love on the Lover's Beach. What a great day out!


Anonymous said...

It looks so beautiful and warm!!!


~Justin&Meg~ said...

You can get wallet sizes of the sequence of 3 pictures, just for Kyle's billfold :)

Heather Paulsen said...

I am so glad it was relaxing! Sounds like you did as much on your honeymoon as we did on ours!

How's wifehood?

Anonymous said...

Looks great!
I like Kyle's 3 picture series too.
Interesting that eating made it into the first list several times.
That scenery really does look good.

Glad you guys had a great time


Josie said...

WOW! I think they're fantastic pictures. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!! :)

I can't wait to meet you by the way!


~Justin&Meg~ said...

Hmm...I thought I left a comment yesterday, but it must have gotten lost. :) Love the sequence of 3 pix of you w/ the waves (esp the last one) Too funny!


The Sisson Clan said...

I agree with Kyle. I think that there must have been some way to bring that puffer home with you!

Momma Amy said...

Beautiful pictures!! They are making me even more ready for warm weather and wonderful sunshiny days! aaahhh....