Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Newly-wed Adventures

Greetings friends! Sorry, no pictures yet, but thought I'd give a little update anyway!

We had a little adventure this past weekend. Kyle and I took a business/pleasure combo trip to Indianapolis. We got to stop in and visit my cousins, and the plan was to meet them in downtown Indianapolis for a concert before heading back to their house. Well, we followed our directions, located our stop and started to pull into a parking garage - only to find that our tire had just gone flat! We limped into a handicapped parking slot right at the entryway to asses the damage. (You thought handicapped parking was for handicapped people, not handicapped vehicles, didn't you!) The whole situation turned out just about perfect (as perfect as a flat tire can be)! We had arrived safely, we got to go to our concert, and then the guys got the tire changed afterwards! We had such a fun visit, though too short. What could have been a major hassle ended up being just a blip on the screen!

At least, it was nothing more than a blip on my screen -but then, I didn't have to change the tire! ;-) - GJ


Anonymous said...

Hi Gretchen,
Sorry to hear about the "blip on the screen" but glad things turned out well and that you had a nice time.
Blessings on your week,
~Gina Dunn

BH said...

Don't feel too bad about not having pictures. I don't often post pics, though I do have some of your wedding up. Sometimes the non-pic posts are the most interesting because they have a story or inspiration to share.
I'm glad you are feeling better. How do you like Oakland so far?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
This is your second cousin, Dawn. I had a question for you. What was the song that went with your photo montage? I love your site! Thanks for keeping us updated.

Nate said...

So yet again, you have escaped having to help change a tire. =}

BH said...

I'm coming home this Friday. I hope that I can see you both sometime.

Nitchfield News said...

Hi everybody!

Just to respond to a few of your questions:

I'm enjoying being in Oakland, it's so fun to be getting spring already!

Let's see, which songs did we end up using for our slide show? I know we had Two Souls Become One by Norm Wakefield - that was my pick, and I'm afraid it's the only one I remember! Anyone else remember what we played?

And yes, Nate, I have once again escaped changing a tire! - GJ