Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring and Fire

We will now take a brief intermission from wedding pictures to fill you in on some interesting features of recent Nitchfield life.

It's spring here, with vibrant green starting to peek out, birds nesting (I'm battling one that likes the inside of our air conditioner. At the moment, I think I'm winning) and sunshine and rain taking turns. Another sure sign - Kyle has started our garden! It's just a little one at the moment, consisting of lettuce and spinach, but we're excited. I think I actually have some hope of keeping up with it, since it's within view of the kitchen window above the sink. Our lettuce always used to get out of hand. Another sign of spring, we've taken two bike rides. That first one was, admittedly, cold, but the second was quite pleasant. Huzzah for spring!

Besides grass, birds, flowers and all that, we've also had quite a few fires. Kyle is on call with the fire department, an in our one month of married life he has already been out twice, once for a house fire and once for a grass fire. I remember what a pain it was back when our barn burned down, trying to remember what we had, guessing costs, etc. I can't imagine a house fire, with all the hassle and the things that simply can't be replaced. :-( I have so much to be thankful for, not the least of which is that no one has been hurt in either fire.

I guess it doesn't matter where I live, life is never dull!


Anonymous said...

Spring must be so nice and refreshing! I know it is supposed to be coming sometime up here, but it is snowing again right now. :( I can't wait to get our garden started!

Anonymous said...

I just planted spinach, lettuce, and peas this morning. How delightful!-EJ

Anonymous said...

Go Kyle!!!