Monday, March 31, 2008


Yes, it's true, I'm still posting wedding pictures! ;-) We were so excited by the many friends and family who came, and our reception was such a fun party.

Grandpa Sisson blessed the food.

Oops, a smootching picture! Sorry, couldn't help it.

Heather, my WONDERFUL wedding coordinator making announcements. She handled everything so well, and had great ideas!

Some very helpful young ladies! Sarah, Corrina, Marie and Mandie.

Friendly faces.

I absolutely love this picture of David and William!

Nope, no cake smearing. This is supposed to represent your first act of service, and I hope I can serve my husband with as much tender love in the hard things of life as I did in that symbolic act.

Here's why I'm laughing in some of our cake pictures: I cut a sliver of cake so small, I could hardly get it out!


The bouquet toss was one of my favorite moments of the reception! For several years, I've planned to do a break-apart bouquet, so that many of my friends could have to joy of catching flowers. As it turned out, I tossed it right over their heads and Kenny and Uncle Tom found their doctor's confab slightly interrupted by a shower of mini bouquets! However, they quickly found their way into the right hands.

Two more lovely young ladies, Brenna and Therese.

Clay gave the most wonderful welcome to the family!

I've finally escaped from . . .

. . . all this!


Anonymous said...

I love that picture of the two of you holding hands! What a neat shot!


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures! I love the idea of the break away bouquet. It certainly was surprising when you tossed it and it flew apart. :)