Friday, March 30, 2012

Flying High!

Our neighbor from across the street (whose cows and daily trips to feed them cause great excitement at our house) gave us their old swing set. Boy are the kids having fun!

Sorry, I can't flip the pictures. :-{

Kyle rolled out the "red carpet" for them, and we've been out playing almost everyday! Can't wait till it's warm enough to add water . . .

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here's Something Good. ;-)

I've never had an ultrasound this late before, but they wanted to do a growth check this time (our little guy's looking great). It was amazing! I could actually see him open and close his eyes! I've had Baby's face shot on the fridge for the past few days, and thought I'd share. Can't wait to meet him in person!

Monday, March 26, 2012

St. Patrick's - Grill Out?

Have you ever grilled outside for St. Patrick's Day before? Me neither, but I guess there is a first time for everything!
It was so unusually warm, we decided to save our traditional meal (corned beef, cabbage and potatoes) until Sunday, and have hamburgers. But we did do green veggies - zucchini and asparagus. The combination was delicious!
The Grillmaster. Boy was everything good!
While Kyle cooked the meat and I worked on the sides, the kids played with chalk. We should have given them green!

It was a fun evening enjoying the early spring!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sewing . . . a little bit.

With an okay from the Midwives, I've been drinking Butcher's Broom tea for my varicose veins - and I've actually seen some improvement! Well, not that the veins are getting better - that won't happen till the baby comes - but it's taken the edge off the pain for the most part.

So, what does this have to do with sewing? I've finally felt like doing a little!

I've got tons of projects in the wings, but the long ones are going to have to wait - I still really need to get my feet up by the end of the day! But here is something I did recently. Alaina got this darling top for Chistmas. It was too short for a dress and too long for a top, (I think she's got long legs like her Mommy - always throws off the length of clothing!) so I decided to add some layers onto it.

Now she's wearing it all the time - it's so cute! I think I could have made the pink band a little more gathered, but it will do, and it's big enough to twirl in. And that's the most important part! ;-)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Last Spring Kyle transplanted some daffodils from his folks house. We have been watching them come up with eager anticipation! Two days ago we had a late snow, but the weather has since apologized with 60+ degree days, and they appear to be unharmed.
I can hardly wait!

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Month, New Baby, New 'Do.

No, no, the baby is not here yet. We should have at least six weeks left to go. But he is coming, and I'm trying to get things in order. And one of those things was a new hair cut. When Stephen was little I didn't have time to mess with my hair, and I could never get it to look good. Not a huge deal, but a morale issue none the less. I thought this time I'd try something easy (and get it done before baby when I still have time to mess with it!). So, here is my "Before" picture. People in "Before" pictures are always required to look as miserable as possible, you know.

And here is my "After". I have not had my hair this short since I was 6, but I'm really pleased, and Kyle loves it! That's important. :-)

The behind-the-ear look. Heather, (my wonderful hair-lady) did a great job getting what I wanted, and it's super easy to care for!

So there you have it! A new month and a new 'do - before the new baby!