Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Of This and That

We've been busy of late with our little everyday events. Here are a few of them.

We got out for a lovely dinner date shortly after our anniversary - thus the big smiles! It was such a sweet evening, and always fun to take a moment out to reflect and be grateful and just enjoy each other.

I'm putting away more of the little baby stuff, and the high chair just came back out for Stephen. Alaina has been so cute "exercising" with me lately. On warmer days in the stroller she acts as my personal trainer - "Go fast Mommy!".

Kyle has been an inspired chef cooking up cream puffs, cherry pie and even grilling out a little! Here are some pictures from our lemon meringue evening. We all worked on the pie, then I read poems by A.A. Milne while we waited for it to cool.

Andrew (my older brother) used to make us lemon meringue (How old were you? Somewhere between 9 and 12 perhaps?). As you can see by Alaina's face, it was just as good as I remembered it being!

Our little sunbeam is developing a taste for classical music. He thinks the William Tell Overture (as sung by his mother) is hilarious!

:-) Happy Tuesday to you!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Our table at 9:28pm.

You know how interior decorators are always talking about adding "humor and whimsy" to a room?

We've got it covered.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Re-fashion: Three Posey Playdress


It's hard to believe that it's been a year since I made my first tee-shirt dress! We got a bunch of wonderful hand-me-downs at Christmas, so it was time to make a few more.

I loved wearing dresses when I was little - just ask my Mom! I think the best time to teach modesty and femininity is during these early years, so it's fun to have an easy way to add dresses into Alaina's everyday wardrobe.

These are so easy, inexpensive and fun to make that they are perfect to play in! I think it's important for a little girl to have some dresses she doesn't have to worry about getting dirty, and these fit the bill. Just add stockings, leggings or shorts for modesty and you're good for anything from tea parties to cartwheels.

I'll try to get some pictures this week and post her "Little Teapot" dress soon. It's the same concept with a totally different look. Oh yes, and the total cost on this one?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bath Babies

Bath time boy (above) and girl (below) at about the same age. I have fun comparing!

I'm hoping that all these March showers will bring April flowers . . .

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rolling and Eating and Crawling (Oh My)!

Seven months yesterday, Stephen is really taking off in his physical abilities!

He has branched into the world of solid food and (contrary to the expression above) seems to really enjoy it! Life will never be the same for him - in a very delicious way.

He is also rolling, doing the combat crawl, sitting up and as of Feb 24th, crawling on hands and knees! Life will never be the same for me either. ;-)

He is actually at that nice stage where he is mobile enough to entertain himself without getting into trouble too quickly.

He is so friendly, cheery and responsive. We are all having a lot of fun and excitement around here.

My little helper is also growing in every area - talking, singing, physical ability and fine motor control, etc.

She loves to sort silverware and "help" me wash dishes (or in this case, potatoes). I feel very blessed to be entrusted with these two little lives to superintend!