Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wedding Formals


Yea! I'm so pleased with the beautiful pictures Elisha got, and while I was with my folks for Easter, I put up about four posts worth of pictures to share with you - so that's what is going up over the next few days.

We were so blessed to find a church that was willing to work with our time frame, preferences, etc. Not only that, it was the perfect size, a beautiful building, and the pastors and secretary were a joy to work with. I loved it!

Me and my girls. I was so blessed to have each one of these lovely ladies standing with me (not to mention chatting and laughing in the dressing room!).

Kyle and the guys. What a handsome crew of very special men. Someone asked upon seeing the pictures, "How come all your groomsmen are so tall?"

Kyle and his sweet Mom. She is the courageous mother of eight, an excellent cook, wonderful gardener, and a fun lady to be around - I have loved getting to know her! Dad Phillips was down with a bad case of pneumonia, and was not able to make the trip. We missed him so much!

The dearest people in the world. :-) There are SO many things that I appreciate about my wonderful parents. I have added to that appreciation as I have stepped into marriage, they have been excellent models of how delightful Christian marriage is!

My red roses, freesia, stock, fern, iris and seeded eucalyptus. I have to make note that, although my Mom looks perfectly coordinated, it happened by accident! I added purple to my bouquet as a last second afterthought! We didn't even think about how nice it would look until the day of! :-)

I love this picture with the illuminated cross. It's one of my (many) favorites.

Clay, Kyle, Kirk and Kenny, Sheila, Renee, Barb, Kristi and Gretchen. Kyle has been blessed with a great family!

Junior Bridesmaids Haley (Kristi's daughter) and Taylor (Sheila's daughter). They were such fun!

Kyle with the young folks. Matthew was our Junior Groomsman. He looked so grown up in his tux, but I know in just a short time we'll be looking back and saying "Look how little he was!".

Dad, Matthew, Mom, the Nitchfield Newsers, Nate, Haley and Andrew. I love you guys, and I miss getting to be around you all the time!

Somehow, we look like such a big crew when we're all lined up! I think we would have been sad with less than six attendants though!

I saw different dresses in a matching color at a family wedding several years ago, and I loved the idea. I had so much fun seeing how the girls designed their gowns, each one a unique reflection of their individuality. It was funny to me to see that we all ended up with high waisted gowns. Too fun!

Speaking of gowns . . .

My handsome hubby. How did I get so lucky?

I love the way my veil turned out in pictures. Advice to future brides: don't buy a $200 veil - $25 will get you a long way!

My grandparents have been such a large part of my life, they are friends as well as family. I am so grateful that they are all in good health and were able to be there with me!

I love this picture with my new Mom.

Here is the whole group, youngsters included. Pretty sharp, huh? As my Mom says, "We sure do clean up good!"

I love seeing the ring on Kyle's hand. :-)

A happy Mr. and Mrs.!


agingrich said...

What beautiful pictures from a very happy day!


Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures, Gretchen! I can't wait to see the rest!
It was nice to see you and Kyle a few rows behind us at the "Passion Play" last weekend! I wish we could have had a moment to chat!
Have a wonderful week!

TulipGirl said...

*mush, mush*

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures! I love the ones with the illuminated cross!


Momma Amy said...

Just Beautiful!!