Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Spring" Shower

Mandie Capp, at my second shower, decorated with the colors of spring!

Haley, my maid of honor, and Sandy Wendtland, my bridesmaid gave this beautiful shower at the Capp residence. It was such a fun time!

Sandy, her Mom, and her sister Sarah made little magnets as a prayer reminder to give out - how neat!

Everything at the Capps house was so pretty - thanks ladies for all your work to make everything special!

Sarah and Anna - little helpers.

It was so delightful to see so many friends, quite of few of whom drove a long was to be there! It made me feel so loved.

We had a wonderful time of worship led by Mrs. Leslie Barnard.

Grandma Glenna also shared with us from her 50+ years of marriage!

I recieved so many lovely things! Some of the homemade ones were: Cross Stitch by Emily Rdzok

Autumn table runner from the Hemmer Ladies.

Crochet throw by Helana Bluedorn

Crochet doily from Stephanie Rdzok - I am blessed by so many hours of loving work!

At the end, two brave men made an appearance. One was my dear Dad. This, of course, was the other one. Thanks to one and all for such a delightful time! - GJ

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Heather Patenaude said...

I posted some pictures on my blog of the rehersal! Fun times!