Thursday, January 15, 2009



Time to catch up on some old news. My side of the family came down after Christmas day to celebrate with us, and to stay with me while Kyle was down at his parent's 50th. (It's a good thing Alaina didn't come while he was gone. My labor was so short, I'm not sure he could have made it back in time!)



It was fun to have a crew to cook for again! (Although this crew helped out a lot with the cooking.)


It's a family tradition to disguise at least a few gifts. Here is a gift from Matthew - my did it feel strange under the wrapping paper! Can you guess what is inside?



Whatever you guessed, you're probably wrong! I couldn't have guessed this one either.


Ta da! A plug adapter!

Haley made me a custom necklace for my birthday out of crocheted wire! It is very pretty - what an interesting idea, huh?


We also tried out several games.


We're not listening!



Fondue is a favorite birthday meal for me. There's just something fun about eating off of long forks and getting to reach across the table. ;-)


Kyle got home just in time to try some.



Thanks guys for coming down! It was great fun, and took a load off Kyle's mind too.

One final picture for all the fans . . .



Olivia Coy said...

Her cheeks...her cute little rosie and chubby cheeks are just too much! She is sooo adorable!

Jungheims said...

That's such a cute picture of you in your red sweater on the couch with the baby belly!

And we love all the baby pictures. Makes me want to just scoop her up and snuggle! It's so relaxing just holding a little bitty one.

Anonymous said...

Fun! I also like fondue : ) Cute picture of Alaina!

George and Krista said...

Was the cellphone thing and the not listening part of the game?

jada said...

Congratulations, guys!!!! She is so cute! I hope we can see her very soon. ugh. I wish fellowship were a bit closer. That 30 minute drive is such a big deal sometimes.

Joanna Cole said...

Hey there! Don't know if you remember me or not. I met you at an English Country dance. Actually we danced together several times because we were short on guys:-)anyways. I just wanted to say that your little girl is so beautiful! and I love reading your blog and seeing all your fun pictures!

E.A.J. said...

Such fun pictures!