Monday, April 20, 2009

A Few Dear Ones


Grandpa Bud and Gramma Glenna.


My Grandparents have invested so much in my life! I have always been very close to them, so it is a delight to get to introduce my little girl to them. What a blessing they are to us!


Grandpa and Grandma Sisson.


One more special friend I was very excited to bring Alaina to see:


Miss Jaimie!


I miss all you guys, so it's great to have seen you!


The Capp Crew said...

Awww Jaimie's face says it all! She loved holding a real live baby doll! :)

Anonymous said...

YAHOO, I got a double dose of baby Alaina! I wandered over the Sisson side! I sure enjoy all these pictures! Keeping those posts coming! I thrive on 'em.
XO Sue

Anonymous said...


You a certainly blessed to have the grandparents you have and we have been blessed to meet them. What a heritage God has given you, and now Alaina.


agingrich said...

She's getting so big! Those cheeks are just wonderful :)

~the gambill ladies~ said...

Alaina is a very blessed girl with a wonderful heritage.

Meeting Alaina was a highlight for Jaimie! She loved seeing the pics here on your blog too.:)

Tete said...

What a happy time- I miss my grandparents even though I had them for a long, long time. Alaina seems happy everywhere she goes. She is just too cute!
Jaimie looks so pretty in her bright yellow blouse and blue skirt.
I can see why you miss "home" very, very much, but I'm glad you are all back for a spell.

Elizabeth J. said...

The baby is too cute!