Thursday, May 7, 2009

Catching up: MO trip 2

Now, a little more about our MO trip.

I loved this little nook just at the bottom of a stairway, where Haley slept. They did a good job of making a landing into a very cute sleeping area.

The Jungle Room! I love how the house was planned with families in mind.There were lots of books, games and toys for kids. The part of the house we didn't rent had a log cabin room, complete with dishes and a fake wood stove!

We played a lot of games while we were together. Billiards, anyone? (Or was that bill-boards? ;-)

Kyle and Grandpa taught us how to play, and there was a lot of friendly competition. May I also add that it's harder than it looks. ;-)

The sporting couple (Well, at least one of us is).

On the rare occasions when she wasn't being held, Alaina played games too, like hit the monkey (great fun, you should try it sometime).

Grandpa Bud keeping A. happy. She loved to talk to him!

No vacation post is complete without some reference to food. Haley spoiled us with her famous Apple Dumplings and a delicious new recipe for blueberry muffins.

We also had another exciting culinary experience while we were down there.



The Capp Crew said...

The house was decorated so beautifully! I love the idea of themes for each room!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying hearing about your trip! Looking forward to the next post!


Tete said...

Looks like fun- I loved the bed area at the landing...Alaina'a got so many grandparents to spoil her and send her home...can't wait for the next post...

The Capp Crew said...

Happy Mothers day Gretchen!!