Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun and Fried Fish

Two weekends ago we drove down to Kentucky for one of the highlights of our summer - the annual Family Fish Fry hosted by Kirk and Lee!

Renee and Emily enjoying the beautiful day. With a shady sky and gentle breeze, it couldn't have been nicer outside.

(Conner, Troy and little Kirk) The kids still managed to get in a little slip and sliding . . .

. . . and keep the dogs happy. (Charles and Emily's dog Benny)

Alaina was in charge of the crawling demonstrations.

Kyle enjoyed some informal baseball practice (which was quite impressive, I hear!)

Mama Phillips and other spectators. Once again, we had a wonderful (and delicious!) time with the family. Thanks Kirk and Lee for hosting such a special time!

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Anonymous said...

OK, who does Alaina look like this week...the Phillips clan!!!! Looks like she had fun, too. Not at all camera shy! Sue