Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Giving Thanks for Giving

Today I'm grateful for the blessing of giving. It's something the Lord has been teaching me about, and which I'm learning to enjoy more and more.

Usually at Thanksgiving we are thankful for all the stuff we have (and I am thankful!). But this year I'm also thankful for what I can give away.

When I hear about a need, I can do something about it. I can provide food and clothing to orphaned babies. I can send Bibles to China. I can help fund micro-loans and allow a poor widow to support her family.

I have tasted the joy of giving. Investing money here on earth is always risky. Everything I buy will one day end up in the garbage dump. But investing money in God's kingdom guarantees a safe investment with a great return, and that's pretty exciting! Today, I'm thankful that I can give.


Anonymous said...

What a great reminder! Thanks. -EJ

The Sisson Clan said...

I just heard about micro loans on Moody today. What a wonderful way to minister to others.

Keep calling us to higher ground!

The Barnard's said...

I love the picture with Kyle and Alaina playing the piano :) Thanks for the reminder :)


TulipGirl said...