Monday, December 21, 2009

Date Night!

Kyle and I escaped all by ourselves a few nights ago for a special Christmas date - what fun! We drove down to this marvelous restaurant in a renovated barn. The whole place was decked out for Christmas and it was simply lovely!

We came here last year (when I was "great with child") and the food and ambiance were so delightful we had to come back. All the old barn partitions, wood and windows make for such fun surroundings.

This time they weren't too busy, and they put us off in this little lean-to section all by ourselves. It was just perfect!

Everything was SO good, and Kyle wants to see if he can replicated those delicious fried mushrooms with horseradish sauce. Yum!

On our way home we drove through a couple small towns to see the lights. We came across an old fashioned candy shop with a soda fountain and decided to stop in for dessert (though I'm not sure how we found room after that dinner!).

Altogether, it was a simply wonderful evening! Thanks, Honey, for another lovely time!
I am a very blessed woman. :-)


Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures of the two of you! I'm glad you had such a lovely evening together. I particularly like that picture of Gretchen with the light over her head! Makes her look like she has a halo! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! Much Love, Sue and family

lloyd said...
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~the gambill gals~ said...

It sounds like a lovely evening! How fun to find the candy shop/soda fountain to top off your evening!

The Capp Crew said...

Happy birthday Gretchen!