Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Fun

We got to go down to Mimi and Papi's farm for Memorial Day. It was so much fun! Alaina loved teasing and playing with her Grandpa.

We got to see most of the Aunts and Uncles while we were there. All the cousins were very sweet about playing with our girly.

Teaching Haley and Connor how to play Kings Corners. Boy did they catch on fast! They were getting pretty hard to beat by the time we went home.

Sitting around, eating, talking . . . some of the best ways to celebrate a holiday!

Yes, Little Miss gave us lots of entertainment. She had a lot of fun talking in the microphone with Aunt Kristi. Kristi was really able to put her through her paces! She got her to do all her newest word (water, monkey, yes, thank you, okay) and do some good whistling.

It sure was fun to see all you guys. We love you!

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