Thursday, August 19, 2010

The New Arrivals

We have some new inhabitants here at Nitchfield who have yet to make a blog appearance. They now wish to be introduced. Meet:



and Mudge.

Milo and Macy are brothers given to us by some friends. A day or so after they came, Mudge showed up at our neighbor's house and was relocated here. They are all very friendly, and have learned to get along after some initial hissing. ;-) We're hoping that they'll help decrease the surplus (mouse) population.

Alaina loves the cats, and calls them all Mudge. She's had great fun petting and playing with them (here, with avuncular supervision).

Other pleasures for our little girl have been playing with some new toys given by kind friends and relatives. It's nice to have something exciting to look at while Mom is busy with the baby.

Look, we match! (An accident, of course.)

As for Stephen, he is growing like a weed and sweetly doing all those things which are the standard skills of truly accomplished babies:

Breathing and Vocal Exercises,

Mess Making,

Relaxation and Meditation,

and adding to the General Cuteness of the World.


agingrich said...

Hmm..I still can't decide who I think Stephen looks like?? What's the Mommy's opinion???

Anonymous said...

WOW, he actually looks like he has grown! Love Alaina's purple/lavendar handbag! It's good she has kitties and toys for distractions the best being Uncle Nate! He's great! Sue

busymama431 said...

look! he's getting chubby cheeks! :)

Nitchfield News said...

Who does he look like? Hard to say as of yet, but my guesses are that he has my eyes and face shape and maybe Kyle's chin. Time will tell!