Monday, September 26, 2011

Brush Arbor

It might be a bit confusing, but there were two events at the same location in the past two months. Both involved dressing up, and both were very fun! The first was and old fashioned Brush Arbor meeting.

In the mid 1800s people would construct a building, or arbor, out of brush to house a visiting pastor for a series of meetings. In late July all our local churches worked together to host a weekend of evening meetings, and on one afternoon they had different reenactors at the Independence Village just north of town, showing how early American culture was impacted by the Bible.

Haley and I were delighted to pitch in and plan some things for the kids. They got to interview the barber/undertaker . . .

. . . and watch the blacksmith at work! He was quite a character, and very fun to talk with. We also made a stop at the jail and the general store.

Haley and I led the kids in a round of croquet, and we also had old fashioned games for them to try. Corn hole toss, string games, graces, marbles, checkers, a clothes pin game and stilts were among the activities available.

We also studied a bit from the New England Primer and wound up with a mini spelling bee. The kids were delightful to work with and, although the afternoon started out quite hot, we girls loved dressing up! It was a really fun weekend!

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