Friday, October 14, 2011

14 months

It's so fun to watch Stephen become more and more interactive! I have not been as good about getting pictures of him (surprise, surprise), so when he was outside "helping Daddy" at lunch time the other day, I thought I'd better get a few shots.

He loves to play outside! Flowers, rocks, balls, leaves, there is just no end of interesting play things.

He also loves the animals! He can say "kitty" (or something like that) and has this little noise that he makes for the chickens.

He's as sweet as can be, but all growling, running, figure-it-out boy!


Anonymous said...

Love them pics. What a cutie pie! So glad weather's been holding up for some interesting outdoor play! xo Sue

~the gambill gals~ said...

He is growing up so fast and cute. :) Mommy will have to work even harder at getting the pics of each one at the siblings increase. :)

Anonymous said...

Cute! I love the picture of him with the chicken!