Monday, June 2, 2008

An Evening of Fun!

After the noise and fun of having siblings around all the time, life here can seem a little . . . well, quiet! We like to liven things up, so we were excited to be joined by the B. family for and evening of food, fellowship and fun!

It was great to talk, and we had fun after dinner playing . . .

. . . Apples to Apples - one of the fun games we received as a wedding gift! The little ones also helped us demolish some of the huge supply of popping paper that we have at the moment.

How did we miss getting a picture of Myron and his cute baby boy?

Thanks, Alan, for the cute picture of us! You guys were so much fun!


Anonymous said...

If you want noise, we would be happy to drop in for a visit. :P


Kristi said...

Apples to Apples is so fun! We haven't played it in years... but we just got one for a gift so we are looking forward to playing it soon! ;)
Gretchen, you always look so beautiful - but I love that color teal on you! *smile*