Saturday, June 21, 2008

What the Day Brought Forth

My list for yesterday:

  • Pack away winter clothing
  • Clean bathroom
  • Mow side yard
  • Make biscuits

Well, that's not what happened yesterday! Thursday night our house began acting strangely, with different appliances and outlets refusing to work. Then (right when I had my face all soapy) we lost all our power and water. Bother.

So yesterday, we worked on electrical. Caleb and Elizabeth T. got up at the crack of dawn and came to our rescue, yea! We found the problem (outside the house) .

My list for the day changed slightly.

  • Move all perishable food to the fridge in the store
  • Write letters
  • Find food to eat that does not need to be heated or washed
We are so grateful for the help of friends, for an extra fridge, and for a nice cool day. It was a great day to be without air conditioning! I also have a renewed appreciation for the blessings of electricity. ;-)

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth! - Prov 27:1
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P.S. Our power is back on today!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how plans change so quickly?

Kristi said...

Yes, one often doesn't appreciate things like power until it is gone! I am glad it is fixed now...
I loved your little lists of things to do, Gretchen. So adorable in your cute home! *SMILE*

Anonymous said...

Sounds like loads of fun! ;) Glad everything is working again. Have you been having alot of flooding down there?


Anonymous said...

~wonderful encouragement! Thank you, Gretchen.
Sherry P.

Kay said...

Do you remember Christmas at my house two or three years ago when we lost part of the power in my house? You dad called Mr. Gibert (on Christmas or New Years... whichever) and he and the electric company figured out that it was in my yard.... dejavu... Glad you got it fixed. Love Aunt Kay