Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Frugal (Backyard) Gormet

Do not read this post on an empty stomach.

We love food, and we love to save money, so we're excited about a certain delicious backyard discovery! We have these big trees by our driveway that shed bark and drop nuts. Quite messy. Recently, Kyle set out on a quest to discover what they were.

Our neighbor informed us that they're Shaggy Bark Hickory trees. The nuts are good to eat, and the bark and wood is great for grilling with. WOW, was that an understatement! Kyle made us grilled chicken cooked over hickory bark, and it tasted like it had been in a smokehouse!

The combined flavors of his lemon/basil/garlic marinade, infused with hickory smoke, oh it was SO good! Between that chicken and eating out on the deck, I felt like I was at a fancy restaurant! Amazing dinner, honey.

I guess it must have smelled as good as it tasted, 'cause guess who we've befriended . . .


~Justin&Meg~ said...

The last 25 weeks of my pregnancies, food never tasted so delicious. Funny how that happens! (But, that's not trying to negate the fact that Kyle made a delicious dinner for you :) Hooray for guys and grilling, eh?! That's cool about the hickory bark..hmm...I'll have to check around my yard!


Anonymous said...

Looks yummy, Gretchen, and very frugal too!

Gina Dunn

agingrich said...

Yum! Maybe we need to plant a hickory tree.


George and Krista said...

Yeah, I agree with tastes reeeeeeeeeeealy good when you're pregnant. I was looking back at our blog before Grace was born and I have so many posts about food, it looks like all we did was eat :)


Anonymous said...

What a nice picture! Is that kitten taking a NAP after having a BIG MEAL?


Nitchfield News said...

Hi Najah! It's nice to see you on here! Actually, we couldn't get the kitten to look at the camera. I think maybe it didn't like the flash. And yes, it DID have a big meal! - GJ