Thursday, October 23, 2008


We had two beautiful days for harvesting down at the farm. It was quite an interesting process to this non farm-raised girl. Kyle was in his element!

Is that Spiderman atop that grain bin? Nope, look again! Kyle and Kenny set up the unloading mechanism. There is actually a lot of prep work involved before things get going!

I think you have to be there to appreciate the beauty of those hill surrounded fields!

Kyle and Renee problem solving. David and I were sweeping out the barn, which we decided was a safe job for in-laws! ;-)

In go the soy beans.

Farmer K. hauling in the big wagon. That equipment was gigantic!

The unloading set up: from the big green wagon, to the little red wagon, to the unloading augers and up into the bin.

This picture was about as friendly as I got with the machinery. It's too valuable for me to feel comfortable doing much more than riding in it! However, Kyle did leave me sitting in one of the tractors once with instructions to "pull the yellow lever if anything goes wrong". Thankfully, nothing did!

Kyle and David waiting for things to unload (or was that holding down the grain bin? One of the two.).

It's actually a fairly noisy process.

This is what I did most of the time: ride in the tractor with Kyle! It was great fun!We discussed politics and he answered various farming questions ("What's that disk sticking out from the side of the drill for?"), but most of the time we just enjoyed being together.

I'm glad we got the chance to go down. Now I know why Kyle likes harvest time so much!


The Capp Crew said...

That looks like such fun! I love watching the farmers harvest the fields around us.

~Cassie said...

Hi, I really love reading your blog. I saw you speak at the ICHE conference this year, and it was such a blessing. I'll have to show this post to my little brother he loves John Deere tractors!


agingrich said...

Whew! I'm glad you didn't have to pull the yellow lever ;)