Monday, February 23, 2009

One Happy Year Ago . . .



February 23, 2008

frst public kiss

My heart overflows with grateful delight as I reflect on the treasure God has given me in my husband!.




One year of coming to a deeper appreciation of his continual thoughtfulness, his strength in standing for what is right, and that awareness and pleasure in simple blessings that makes every day with him so delightful!




The Lord hath done great things for us, wherefore we are glad! Psalm 126:3


Anonymous said...

What God glorifying pictures Gretchen. Happy first anniversary to both of you! I am a fellow sister in Christ and am just inspired at watching you model Godly womanhood. I would love to hear you and Kyle's courtship story sometime!!
In Christ,

Sarah G.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gretchen,

We have thought of you and Kyle so many times today as you are celebrating your first anniversary!!! What blessings the Lord has brought to you this year together. We so enjoy your blog and love to see pictures of Alaina. She is so precious! :-) We know you are delighted by every moment with her. We can hardly wait to meet her!

Ellen and Elaine

Namaw Kak said...

Happy Anniversary.

George and Krista said...


The years go so fast don't they? We are looking forward to seeing Alaina again! I bet she's grown a lot. Hope you all are well! Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Anniversary! It was fun seeing pictures of that special day and remembering!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary you two!

the Dunns