Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big Sister in Buttons & Bows

Thank you all so much for your kind congratulations! They have been such fun to read - we love to share the excitement. Kyle and I are filled with joy and anticipation! Big sister doesn't have a clue, but she's in for a lot of fun in the years ahead.

Alaina in the outfit Nanna made for her.

The baby is due to make his first public appearance around Aug 12th. He's about 11 weeks today, and at my last appointment I was able to hear his heartbeat! Such a wonderful, incredible sound! I don't look pregnant yet, and the baby is only about 1 1/2 inches tall, but he is already pretty complete, down to the nails on his fingers and toes. He's got another week of forming left, then he'll just be growing bigger from there on out.

Yes, I'm saying "he". Both Kyle and I think the baby is a boy this time, although some others in the family have strong premonitions regarding Phillips sisters! We're thrilled either way. You still have about two and a half months to get your votes in. We are going to find out, and we will let you know. Anyone who guesses correctly will be awarded with . . . the ability to say "I knew it all along!" ;-)

I'm also guessing that since Alaina had hair at birth (that came from me) and looks like Kyle, this baby, boy or girl, will be bald and look like me! Time will tell . . .

I'm feeling good, although my stomach doesn't take being full or having too much sugar very well - probably a good thing, as it forces me to eat right! I have first trimester fatigue, but that should be ending soon.

We are so thankful - for everything!


The Capp Crew said...

Looking forward to finding what this precious will be! Michael's birthday is August 12th. :)

Nitchfield News said...

Let's see, Alaina was born on Mandie's birthday, this one's due on Michael's . . . what are the odds of hitting both, I wonder?!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh, we are sooooo excited for all of you!!!! What wonderful news!
We thank God for His good and gracious gifts.
~With love,
All the Pollocks

Jungheims said...

My first thought was, "Wow! They'll be close together." Then I laughed because I had 3 kids in 15 months and 5 in less than 4 years. It seems to go faster when it's someone else. Enjoy!!!

The Barnard's said...

It's so exciting!!! I think Alaina will be thrilled to have little sibling after he/she is born :)


Namaw Kak said...

Saw Kyle yesterday and got to tell him congratulations in person. So I'll tell you congratulations too. Alaina is soooo cute.

~the gambill gals~ said...

This is such a fun time; waiting to find out! :)

What a cute dress and of course the little lady wearing it just gets cuter all the time.

erin said...

Congratulations to you all! What wonderful news.