Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthday Girl Takes the Cake

According to family tradition, Alaina got a piece of cake on her birthday. I remember Haley sitting there with one finger in the cake for the longest time before she ate anything. Well, it didn't take Alaina very long to try it. It was so fun to watch her and imagine her thoughts!

This is strange!

When in doubt, put it in your mouth.

Whoa, this is good!

Never get between a girl and her chocolate!

The unstoppable eater!

Sucking the chocolate off her thumb.


Tete said...

Her momma raised her well! Just look at her go! And she didn't waste any in her hair, up her nose or in her ears! What an intellegent child!

The Hemmers said...

We have similar pictures of Jason on his 1st birthday enjoying his chocolate cake. I wasn't quite 3, but I remember thinking he was quite messy! I'm sure Alaina will have fun looking back at these pictures some day! :)


~the gambill gals~ said...

We're kind of late catching up on posts. :) It looks to us like daddy was really enjoying himself too!