Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hippo Hype

Summer is here, all 95 humid degrees of it! Perfect time to get out the long awaited Hippo Pool (Thank you Nanna & Grandpa!)

Dropped my sunglasses - now what?

I guess I'll stick my hand in.

Maybe I'll even stick myself in! Boy, this feels good.

What do you mean, smile for the camera? Can't you see I'm playing?

Summer is fun!


Anonymous said...

How fun is that?! Rob's wife, Jeanette, had a baby girl yesterday so I"m a grandma!! Woohoo! Rob's in Iraq but got to SKYPE and see his daughter, Katie Ann Brown on the day she was born. Taking a road trip this weekend to go see my little pumpkin! Sue

Tete said...

Oh my gosh- looks like the most fun! I love the roof- we sure could have used one of those with Craig. He would burn so fast. We always had to make sure he swam in the shade or after dark!

Anonymous said...

That's cute!


The Sisson Clan said...

Love those chubby baby legs!

~the gambill gals~ said...

We can not look at these pics without big smiles; well maybe some giggles.