Thursday, May 27, 2010

Special Company

What fun to get a visit this week from our friends Samuel and Jenebu O.! It was a special treat to have them in our home and to introduce Alaina to them. It brought back some precious memories for us all.

Early in 2007 Kyle visited with them in Nigeria and did some work on the school they run. Unbeknown to him, their family began to pray that God would send him a wife, and that she would be waiting for him when he got home to America. Well, I first met Kyle the weekend after he came back from Nigeria and got to hear him share in church about his trip. Months later, when we were already courting, I was able to meet Samuel and Jenebu, and they told us of how they had been praying for Kyle. It was definitely a goose bump moment! Their visit made us reflect on the many good things God has done for us these past few years.

It's neat to be the answer to someone else's prayers. :-)

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Namaw Kak said...

How special. Sounds like a courtship story you didn't even know about. Good story and more proof of God's love for us.