Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last trip.

Our last trip before Little Number Two arrives was such a fun one! We gathered with most of the P. clan in AK for a birthday surprise for my sister in law, Renee. (What was it, 25th? Or maybe it was 30th? Something like that.)

We shared a lovely condo with Kenny, Emily . . .

. . . Mama, Dad and Clay.

She's coming! Kristi and Layla Ann, who kept reminding us "Shhh! Surprise!".

Waiting in the dark.

Waiting and putting in pigtails.

Haley, Clay and Conner. Is she coming in the front door, or the back?

Happy birthday Renee! I think she was surprised. ;-)

Did someone say "cake"?

Alaina and Clay keeping warm.

We went out that night for a celebratory family supper. Gretchen kindly attempted some family pictures for us, difficult subjects as we are. But we didn't get any pictures of her and her family! (I think they all ended up on her camera.) :-( It was fun to be with you guys, though!

What was that? So big? Hurray for bread sticks?

The birthday girl with Mama and Dad.

Renee and one of the accomplices in the surprise. Somehow we missed getting pictures of the main instigators, David and Tia, but we did get shots of their little cutie!

Emily, My Beloved and Kenny.

While we grown ups had fun relaxing and visiting, Layla Ann and Alaina had fun copying each other! If one laughed, the other did, if one sat down, the other had to too!

They were so funny! They played together very well though, which was fun.
The staircase and the pool were Alaina's secondary entertainers.


One of the card sharks. I played a couple games with the kids and got slaughtered if my memory serves me correctly. All in good fun, of course.

Alaina just soaked up all the love and attention from her Aunts.

Conner with half of his fan club.

I'm so glad we got to go down! It was such a lovely little vacation and so nice to get to see everyone. Thanks Renee for giving us such a good excuse for an absolutely wonderful time!

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Thanks for a wonderful surprise. It was great having my family around for the big celebration. Thanks again. Hug that baby girl for us.
Love, Renee