Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Special Birthday

Yesterday was Kyle's birthday and such a fun one! Alaina has just gotten interested in birthdays, and walks around the house saying "Happy, happy, happy!".

After a special supper we all went to the county fair. It was SO much fun to see it all thorough Alaina's (very wide) eyes! She could hardly move, she was so transfixed by all the noise, color and movement.

"Wow, those sheep are so much bigger than they are in my animal books!" First came the cows, then the sheep . . .

. . . and then the pigs. By this time Alaina recovered herself enough to actually move a little, mimic their noises and laugh at their funny "noses".

She thought those wiggling, snorting, exploring snouts were just hilarious!

By the time we got to the horses, we were really having fun.

We had to laugh at the baby goat trying to nurse off Kyle's finger. Goats are so cute, we know why people put up with all the trouble they can make!

By the last shed Alaina had warmed up enough to actually try to pet the goats (quickly retracting her hand if they actually got too close). I think the pigs were her favorite though. She snorted and said "piggy" all the way home!

Transfixed again on our way out, by the same spectacle that caught her eye when we first arrived.

Those flashing, screaming, moving things!

We ended the day with some little gifts and Kyle's birthday "cake". (Here's another picture to drool over in case you missed it first time.) Made from scratch Key Lime Pie is one of his favorites, and a special request for his birthday. Delicious choice Honey!

Happy Birthday! We love you!


The Barnard's said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love the fair and with Alaina it must have made it even more fun than usual :) I bet she really enjoyed it!


The Sisson Clan said...

Those first two pictures of Alaina are hilarious. She is in "input overload". She looks like she can't even breathe. She never knew life could be so interesting!

Smooches to that little sweetie!
PS the pie looks delicious. . . . um.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kyle. Loved the pics. I bet she was very excited when you left as it was getting dark. All those lites and noises and music! Next year when you go she'll want to walk by herself and touch everything. It is exciting to see everything again thru her eyes, isn't it! Love, Sue

The Capp Crew said...

Happy Birthday Kyle!
The story of Alaina's first trip to the Fair was so funny! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kyle!!!
from all the Pollocks