Monday, April 4, 2011

Re-fashion: Little Teapot Playdress (guest appearance by Little Boy Blue)

Editorial Note: This is take three with the pictures - I hope it works! Loading the same thing is getting a bit old.

Here is the other play dress I made recently, starting with a plain blue tee and some fabric from my stash.

This time I made the waist a little higher, a la Jane Austen. (In practical honesty, I must add that this makes it a little tricky to put on.)

I made the ruffles from the cut off bottom of the shirt - easy and fun!

After taking a few shots, I noticed that Stephen happened to be wearing the same color! So I plopped him in front of the camera for an extra dose of cuteness.

It seems like matching clothes always happen better by accident than if you try to plan them.

I thought I'd try to do the word-out-of-blocks thing again, but someone is now too old (ie, too active!) for us to do that anymore!

Just wook at dose widdle chubber cheekies!

Okay, okay, sorry. I'm over it.
I think I'll go kiss on the real thing. ;-)


Anonymous said...

It was worth the wait. I wuved those pics of LBB and his wittle chubby cheeks! Lots of kisses coming your way via wind! Thanks for enduring the repetiveness, I really enjoy your pics and little stories! Wots of wuv to you all!

Namaw Kak said...

Oh so glad you finally go the pictures to post they are soooo good.

Tete said...

all but 3 photos showed up this time

~the gambill gals~ said...

So cute and creative. And such darling models! We missed seeing you on Sunday, but there was a very happy grandma who enjoyed having you and the little darlings all to herself!! :)