Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Days

Remember this little shot with the babies from last year? Well, my dearly beloved friends, the G. and K. families, came to the Convention last week and stayed for a few absolutely wonderful days! It was SUCH FUN to get to visit!
Here are the babies this year:

No matchmaking comments, please. They will marry who the Lord has for them, and it probably won't be each other, so just relax and enjoy the cuteness!

My little girl had so much fun with Shelby and Celene! It was fun to see the dynamics this year, since they have such an expanded ability to imagine and pretend.

The girls played so kindly and patiently with Alaina, who thoroughly enjoyed herself. (She is still talking to Celene and Shelby on her pretend cell phone.) Hopefully Stephen's interest in Ginetta won't be quite so dangerous next time! (Another baby! Can I eat it?) Thank you so much for making the trip out! Spending time with you all was such a treat, I enjoyed it more than I can say. I'm so grateful for such a friendship!


Anonymous said...

Such fun to see your beautiful children all playing together!! What a blessing.

TulipGirl said...

So sweet!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...I'm the "anonymous." I forget to sign my name sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear....I just wrote that and didn't write my name, did I? I'm getting old! Ha!

Lisa Jungheim (There! It's me!)