Monday, January 30, 2012

My Man at Work

Well, my folks have moved to a new place, and we have been delighted to get to be a part of the process! A couple weeks ago we all went up, and Kyle put in new carpet for them.

Before we arrived, they when all through the house writing favorite or appropriate scriptures all over the sub-floor. It was such a neat idea, and so fun to see! I won't post too many pictures (don't want to steal their thunder), but here is one from Mom and Dad's closet. ;-)

These pictures are in reverse order (just the way they loaded), so here is our evening visit with the "little helpers".

Alaina rolling out the pad. Kyle is so great about involving the kids whenever he can!

I love to see Kyle at work. I'm always so impressed by his skill, his speed, and the careful attention he puts in. He always wants everything to be just right! When we were courting/early married I went out on quite a few jobs with him, but it's been a long time, so I was impressed all over again getting to see him at work!

Matthew and the scripture near the dining nook - good one guys!

Would you believe that I didn't get any after pictures? Maybe I will later, or you'll just have to remember to notice the carpet in future posts from my parent's house!

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Anonymous said...

I was up that way yesterday and "found" the house, after I turned around and figured I was on the wrong street! But, there it was!! Can't wait to see all of you when they are done! Sue