Sunday, February 19, 2012

'Twill Do

Yes, yes, the hair situation was getting quite bad. I thought I'd never cut my own baby's hair - too scary on a wiggly little one - but with the assistance of a favorite movie I can actually do it. Well, more or less.

A little short here and there (they will move, no matter what you do) but at least we can see his eyes again! I'm so glad my Mom had me learn, and my brothers let me practice on them!

Trimmed up, and a quite a dashing guy - literally!


Anonymous said...

good job! I've always wished for a device that came from the ceiling, had a viewmaster attachment and clamps for each side of the head. Alas, I didn't spend enough time in my laboratory so instead I pray for minimum damage to hair and child. Sherry

TulipGirl said...

It really looks great!

We found that putting the toddler in a highchair (in front of VeggieTales) and with a sucker was the magic formula for us. *L* Now that the boys are older (and my skills are not professional), I only cut their hair if it doesn't get too long and shaggy and if they want me to do it. . . The oldest and youngest still prefer that I do it -- the middle two usually have longer hair, which is more complicated for me.

(And, I'm surprised your brothers let you practice on them!)