Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Cupcakes

We had a last minute type of Valentines Day this year - some decorations grabbed from storage, red and pink clothes for the day, and a couple things Kyle picked up the night before. One of the things he got was cupcake papers. ;-)

He and I were right on the same track with that one. Our celebrations always involve food!

We all had fun making and decorating the cupcakes with some sprinkles. It's so much fun to have kid and a husband who enjoy the simple things!

Kyle was determined to get my roses in the picture, even though the picture would not do them justice. I think he knows how I crave some blooms at this time of year!

Eating - always serious business! ;-)


~the gambill gals~ said...

Sometimes it is the simple things that make the lasting memories!

Anonymous said...

Your sweet family is growing up. I can't believe how mature Stephen looks. Looks like a fun celebration at home -- my favorite kind. ;)

Lisa J.