Wednesday, July 25, 2012

24 Hour Vacation

More summer catch-up. Last month we took a whirlwind trip while we had our house sprayed for bugs. Insects and spiders of all kinds (including dangerous ones) have been really bad in our area, so it was nice to get that done.

Our first stop was at a Minor League game. Kyle was beyond excited to be taking the family!

I think he's been dreaming of this since he was old enough to want children. :-)

I was pleasantly surprised by how well things went, how kid friendly the park was, and how many other families were there with little ones! We watched the game for a while, then tried out the in-park playground.

Between the game and all the people, the kids had plenty to look at! We enjoyed our evening together and, all in all, I'm glad we did it.

We ended our very late night with popcorn in bed. Now that's a special treat!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your recent posts. I sure enjoy them! Happy Bday to your honey of a husband! I'm amazed how much all the kiddos have grown and changed. But you still look the same! xoxox