Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just us.

Isn't he getting cute? I know I keep saying this about my children, but James really is such a good baby! So easy going and very content. He loves to be held, but will play happily by himself too.

Love this shot. Stephen's hair is short now (I cut it yesterday), which makes his eyes look even darker.

We love shucking corn! It's the perfect chore for the kids, and makes them feel so big!

Eating it isn't bad either! :-)

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Bev said...

Oh, my! I haven't checked out your blog for awhile, and what a blessing I received looking at it this morning! I can't believe your new baby boy is already here. He is sure a cutie! Your two "older" children are dolls, too. Thank you for a glimpse into your lives. God has blessed you and Kyle with a beautiful family. I don't know your brother, but congratulations to him and his bride-to-be, Fiona!