Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekend Slaves: Okay, so, it wasn't all work!

Of course, you can't work all the time! Kyle and I had a great time with everyone. Here are a few highlights.

I guess there was a pretty intense wrestling match after I went to bed one night - arm wrestling, that is!

Looks like a close match!

The guys managed to hit the city-wide garage sale. Kyle found some good bargains!

And then, there was the music! Kyle pulled out his guitar, and Jason and Jacob both serenaded us. It sounded so wonderful, I picked it up and played around on it for a few minutes. It was too frustrating, I couldn't make it do what I wanted! I had to move on to another, more compliant instrument.

Sorry, I know it's fuzzy, but I couldn't resist posting this, 'cause my hubby is so cute!

Yes, we had FIRE! Nothing like a good burn pile to mess with, and our was pretty sizable when we started out.

Eventually we turned our chairs around to get in some stargazing. We must have seen five satellites in fifteen minutes!

Scum has been all the rage in card games. It's a little hard on a lazy afternoon, because you have to give up your chair every so often. Great fun though!

Somebody with cool sunglasses.

I meant him, not me!

I bet you thought you had made it through without food being mentioned. Well, do you see that bright green thing that my open hand is pointing to? It's a huge tupperware bowl filled with snack mix, heavy on the chocolate! Gotta keep your strength up!

Too fun, guys! Let us know when your in the neighborhood, maybe next time we won't work you so hard. ;-)


Anonymous said...

My brother going to garage sales!!!! I don't believe it! How did you manage to get him to do that? I guess anything with friends is fun. ;-)


Anonymous said...

It looks like a lot was accomplished in one weekend! I have enjoyed reading the posts and seeing the pictures of the transformation!
We are working on gardening here! I love it!

Anonymous said...

You have cool sunglasses too!

That snack mix was addicting, sorry I was such a pig.

Jason H.

The Hemmers said...

I heard, my dear brother, that some snack mix didn't end up making it to your mouth....Spills happen, huh? ;)