Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekend Slaves Part Three: THE OTHER STUFF

Well folks, I must admit that I put the most dramatic news first. The rest of the work the guys did, while EXTREMELY helpful, did not make for a sensational story!

Repairing our door, which now opens and closes without shaking the house.

Dry walling the living room - yea!

A touch of electrical work in the bathroom. Nothing too shocking, thankfully.

We can't have a work day post without the mention of food! That's a future pizza crust in my mixer. It really hit the spot after a long day! Thanks Nate for the menu suggestion.

A little more electrical.

Master Painter Nate finishes off the last bit of ceiling, to my great satisfaction!

Yea, our bathroom now has dry wall! Do you have any idea how long that would have taken, working at it alone during evenings?

We're really in great shape now, thanks to all those humdrum tasks being done. Great job guys!


Faith said...

These pics may not have as sensational a story to go along with them, but it's still fun seeing what all happened last weekend! We talked to Jason the other day, and he told us much of what went on and how much he enjoyed being there!


Anonymous said...

Excellent pizza, Gretchen (and Tim?). You'll have to share the crust recipe with my sisters (who come home tomorrow!)

Jason H.