Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Birthday

My Special Somebody is having his birthday today!

I love you sweetheart, so much! The last year has been great, and it just keeps getting better! - GJ


George and Krista said...

Happy Birthday Kyle.

Gretchen, we ran into your older brother last night. We were out for a walk and to watch the fireworks that were being set off for Venetian night in Chicago and stopped to ask a group of people what was going on in this one area out on the lake with a bunch of boats and a helicopter. It ended up that we were asking one of Andrew's friends and he came walking towards us a few minutes later. I was getting ready to nudge George and tell him that I think that guy over there was Gretchen's brother and then it became clear that he already had recognized us and was coming to say hi! We also ran into Najah at Moody today. It was nice to see him. He was rejoicing like always. Hope you all are well.

Take Care,
George, Krista and Gracie

The Hemmers said...

Happy birthday, Kyle!

Kristi said...

Happy happy birthday Kyle... a little late. What a sweet evening you planned for him, Gretchen. I am so thankful to see your relationship blossom and grow. It is such an encouragement. =D