Monday, July 14, 2008

WE'RE BACK! Girl time continued . . .

Whew! We're back after a whole week without internet! Man, have I missed it, for one reason and another. (And another, and a couple more!)

I'm not sure if our problems were due to the electrical storm we had last Sunday night, but I've never seen such incessant lightning. You couldn't count 2 seconds between flashes, and they came from all different portions of the sky!

And now, to pick up where we left off. What else do girls do when they get together?

They play games.

They cook yummy food.

They go hiking in the woods.

They may get tired, but they don't get lost!

They make greeting cards.

And they do a few other extraneous things, such as . . .

Washing dishes . . .
(Actually, Haley and the fast-working Sandy did a lion's share of the kitchen work. I highly recommend having hard working friends over as guests - the hostess gets a vacation!)

. . . and brushing our teeth.
(In case any of you guys have been wondering, I thought you might like to know!)

1 comment:

The Hemmers said...

lol - Fun pictures! I'd love to see closer views of the cards you guys made. I enjoy making them too!