Thursday, July 24, 2008


Last weekend Brian and Kristi hosted a wonderful family get-away at a beautiful resort in Arkansas. We had so much fun being together!

Here's the crew L to R: Kenny, Gretchen, Kyle, Me, Haley, Kristi, Brian, Connor, Renee and David.

It was hot, hot, hot outside, so we had perfect weather for all sorts of water activities! The resort had a really neat pool that we all checked out one evening.

We liked how they incorporated the natural surroundings into their design.

Kyle doing water aerobics with his niece . . . literally.

The whole area was SO pretty.

We ate all sorts of yummy dishes during dinner together.

Best friends Morgan and Haley.

Renee and Gretchen (just imagine spending ten hours in a car with TWO ladies named Gretchen!).

The most entertaining dish we tried - a flaming banana dessert! Food and fire, what could be better?

David and Renee. David provided the best dinner music (and dinner laughs!) with his famous spoon playing abilities.

Kristi, Connor and Brian.

Brothers Kyle and Kenny.
We also went out boating and tubeing. Here we are, ready to got with David in his "rickshaw".

The brave tube-ers and the lazy pontoon-ers.

Most of us swam over to the speed boat at least once for a little "speed fix"!

The water was great (warmer than the cold pool) and an occasional dip kept us comfy.

Kyle and I in the water, while David pulls his dead fish routine.

Gretchen took a lot of these pictures - thanks Gretchen!

Towards the end of the day, I got the opportunity to drive. I didn't crash, flip us, or make anyone sick. At least, not any sicker than they already were. (Just joking, everyone did fine!)

After snapping pictures for a couple minutes, Gretchen asked if there was any other spot we wanted to try. Kyle suggested over by a little tiny plant growing beside the path. So, we took a picture there, and here it is.

Thanks all for the fun of your company, and Brian and Kristi for a wonderful time! We're looking forward to the next gathering. :-)


Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great time. You must have spent quite a bit of time outside--everybody is sunburned!


The Hemmers said...

What a fun thing to do! So how did the flaming banana dessert actually taste?

~Justin&Meg~ said...

How fun...I love summer vacations and water sports! That's fun that you guys got away for the weekend. It's a good habit to get into...even after children come. :)

Nitchfield News said...

We only had a bite of the flaming banana, since we had ordered a chocolate dessert to share. ;-) However, that bite was delicious with a delicate caramelized sugar and cinnamon flavor. Well worth having, even if you're not a banana person!

kristi said...

Hey! Love the site!
We had a wonderful time and were so happy you two were able to be a part of it.
Makes for great memories!
Love you!
Kristi, Brian, Haley, Connor
and our BFF Morgan