Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Father/Son Camp

We had some guests camp out at Nitchfield during this year's Father/Son Camp. We had so much fun hosting friends, working at camp, and listening to the excellent teachings!

Friends from up North: Jeremy S, Dad, Jacob B and Mr. B.

The boys playing with fire!
Michael, Matthew, Tom and James.

Kyle made his famous Biscuits & Gravy
for breakfast - yummy!

We ladies had fun preparing food, chatting and watching all the cute little ones!

Kyle spent most of his afternoons helping out at the rifle range, instructing and keeping everything safe.

Jojo shows off his marksmanship.

Each boy or father had his own instructor there keeping an eye on things. This instructor came in authentic World War II garb!

The weather was unbelievable!
It got up to 75 everyday.

Matthew at one of my favorite activities - archery.

While we ladies were serving food in the evenings, Kyle was usually wrapping things up at the kayak races.

The R. and D. men.

The highlight of every evening was the encouragement from Norm Wakefield on selfless living, Jeff Strucker's testimony of what he experienced during Black Hawk Down, and a visit from Teddy Roosevelt! What a wonderful weekend. We were blessed to be involved!


The Capp Crew said...

Our guys had such a great time! They came home dirty, tired and and happy! :) We have heard stories about Kyle's fantastic biscuits and gravy. That really hit the spot for them. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great pictures and your warm hospitality! Jeremie forgot his camera so this, and the Capp's pics, are all I've seen of that wonderful weekend. Tommy came back so different than when he left. More confident, more mature and much, much dirtier!
Love, Molly Schultz