Monday, November 17, 2008

Pie Auction

Kyle and I recently got to attend a Pie Auction Benefit for a brother in Christ who has cancer. Jason and Melody H. did a great job as the auctioneers.

There were tons of desserts: berry pies, german chocolate cake, home-made peanut butter cups, cinnamon rolls and so many other creative and delicious things to buy. We ended up with some scrumptious Greek Baklava.

At the end, a bunch of different people pooled the money they still wanted to contribute and drove the prices up really high! This cake (the last to be auctioned off) went for just over $1,000.

There were also silent action items to bid on. They had soap baskets, scrapbooking baskets, hand-made ornaments, wreaths, crocheted baby clothes and woodwork items.

After buying all those goodies, they made sure everyone got some exercise with country dances!

There was also a Virginia Reel dance-off where you got to vote for your favorite couple.

Me an' my Bird. I got to take Haley home for a week after the auction - yea!

Greg W. shared with us some of the things he has learned during his battle with cancer. Please keep him in your prayers.

Well no wonder Melody won the raffled-off violin!

Nate prepares for the Pie Eating contest. You got to vote for who you thought would win - with doller bills, of course. It was so much fun!

Heated competition!

Jason H. digs in.

Nate came in a very close second!

Whew, done with the pumpkin pies! The winner's comment was that he had just ruined his Thanksgiving! He'll have to stick to pecan. ;-)


Jungheims said...

Gretchen, I don't know if it is the pretty white blouse or the baby, but you are definitely glowing! You look so lovely and happy! =)

The Hemmers said...

Great pics, Gretchen! I had a really cute one of you and Haley too, but (as you probably read on our blog) it was accidentally deleted along with the rest of our pictures from the evening.

It was great seeing you and Kyle on Saturday! I'm so glad you guys came!


Danielle said...

Hi Gretchen! :)

Thank you for the comment you left on my blog and for praying for me I really appreciate that! :)

It was great to get to talk to you awhile at the Young Adult Conference. I really enjoyed that!!! :)

Hope you are having a great week and also wanted to let you know I love the pictures you just posted of yourself! :)