Monday, December 8, 2008

Tree's Up!

Well, here it is, all lit and decorated! Not bad for a newly-wed tree, huh?

When my parent's got married, they didn't have anything to put on their tree, so they made it a tradition to give each of us kids a special ornament that represented something unique about that particular year. That way when we moved out, we would have our own collection of ornaments, and lots of memories!

I have a barn ornament for the year our barn burned down, a Silver Lake ornament from acting in Milwaukee, and Eyore ornament for storytelling in '97, and lots of ornaments with girls or angels reading books! Kyle brought a number of ornaments to the tree too, some from his grandmother, others (like the angel we're using as a tree topper) made by his Mom. We even have some wedding bells for this year!

Does your family have any Christmas tree traditions? - GJ


Anonymous said...

I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I have been following your blog since it started. I just love the godly example you and your husband are! It's so encouraging to see young couples on fire for the Lord. I would love to know the story of you guys' courtship, what a testimony!
In Christ,
Oh congrats on the new little one due soon!
About the Christmas tree, we're putting ours up tonight. Like your family, my parents also get us an ornament each year! I wonder what this year's will be?

Namaw Kak said...

What a lovely tree. Yes I have a few special ornaments.
One of my favorites is my baby shoe. My mother was cleaning out some drawers one day (around Christmas time) and found one of my baby shoes. I brought it home and put it in my tree. So every year since then it's been in my tree along with a nativity ornament and an angel from my Grandma.

Merry Christmas,

crik said...

It looks so pretty! Decorating is so much fun! :)

Anonymous said...

We do have some of the same traditions. We give our kids an ornament each year, most of which represent something from the year or some interest they had. The prettier ornaments tend to get put on the front of the tree, and the not so pretty ones on the back.
~The Dunns

The Hemmers said...

Pretty, pretty! Don't you just love Christmas?!

Nate said...

cIt's looking great GJ.

TulipGirl said...

Lovely tree!

(And I especially like the disheveled bookshelves in the background -- ah, that's the sign of a settled in family!)

Olivia said...

We also get ornaments each year representing something special that happened that year. It gives the tree much more of a personal feel rather than just bulbs and ribbon!!!


Ryan Miller Fam said...

That's a great idea! I think we will start that tradition with our kids this year!!! Tricia