Friday, March 12, 2010

The Constance Dress

What a fun project this has been! Dress number four went quite smoothly, and now I'm all done.

The Constance Dress, elegant simplicity in forest green and gold. The green fabric has a bit of sheen to it, which goes well with the richness of the gold fabric.

A simple lace adds a touch of brightness, and you can see the subtle pattern of the green fabric.

Cuffs trimmed in gold braid add a touch of tailoring to the sleeves.

I'm very happy with the cuffs. ;-)

A rich gold braid, again in the zig-zag pattern, ornaments the stomacher.

I love invisible zippers!

The Constance Dress. It has a bit of an equestrian air to it, don't you think?

All from the same pattern, but each one unique. What fun!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the extra effort you put in to make it an equestrian dress. That fits me perfectly. Once again, thank you so much.

Kashaiah Smith

Namaw Kak said...

Gretchen all four of these dresses are beautiful. Your quite a seamstress. Hopefully we'll get to see the new owners in their dresses all together. Great Job!

Jungheims said...

Love this one...(did I post that on the others? It's so hard to pick!) I love the deep colors on this one.

TulipGirl said...

My! You seem to have sewn those dresses so quickly! Beautiful!

erin said...

Those are so beautiful! I think the Constance dress is my favorite. The green is so lovely, plus I love the name :)

The Capp Crew said...

Another beautiful dress! Makes me desperately feel the need to get my sewing machine out and make a dress!


~the gambill gals~ said...

How fun to see how with the different fabrics and colors your have created such totally different dresses of the same pattern.

Thanks for sharing your talents with us all!