Friday, March 5, 2010

Meditations: On a Polish Lulluby

Ever since we got back from our last visit to Kyle's folks, I've been enjoying a CD they gave me of lullaby's from around the world. The sweet tunes and quaint lyrics have been such fun! One of my favorites is the catchy song from Congo with it's subtle sense of humor:

Little babies
Never cry.

If they cry,
You will not go shopping.

Makes me chuckle every time I hear it! Other songs speak of Father tending sheep in the fields and Mother bringing sweet dreams as she gently rocks her Sunshine, her baby. The child is assured that he is safe, cared for and will always be in the hearts of his parents who, like birds who nest deep in the forest, seek what is best for their Little One.

Darling photo stolen from the Pollock family blog.

The hints of different times and values in the songs made me think about what a modern American lullaby would be like. It was a pretty depressing thought. A lullaby for today would probably have to be written for a temporary care-giver, something like:

Hush little baby, why do you cry?
Mommy's career must not be delayed,
And credit card bills really ought to be paid.
Someone will show up to get you at five,

So hush little baby, why do you cry?

Yuck. I know why we stick with the old songs. Lyrics reflecting today's values would be too depressing to sing!

Personally, I aspire to be like the Mommy in the Polish lullaby. My goals are to have a heart contented with the (very abundant) things I already have. A heart that takes pleasure in the infinitely valuable work that I have been given to do. A heart that seeks to make eternal investments in the lives of others, rather than acquire short-lived possessions for self. Now that's something worth aiming toward!

The Polish Lullaby

Oi lu lu, lu lu. No cradle of marble,
No pillows of lace for you my darling.

Splashing in the water fall the red berries.

You my little baby, you make me so merry!

Though I own few things I'll not ever need more,

I have you my darling, you are what I've prayed for.

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